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Operation Synapse

Medical pathologists monitor the environment to protect humanity from past, present and future diseases that could potentially cause great harm. Just like the military protects humanity from invading countries, in this story a medical pathologist protects humanity from an invading disease manufactured by bioterrorists. This biological warfare agent that spread around the world on the winds was activated by their thoughts representing an advanced form of etiological disease. The opportunity to study Chronic Wasting disease in the whitetail deer population in Montana revealed the poisoning that had been hidden for over 24 years and ultimately prevented the demise of humanity. The author shares this exciting enigma to uncover the real poison and the disguise biological agent as revealed to him by research and study of the cells of the body.

Book Review:

A Review of Author Dr. William Croft’s
New Novel, “Operation Synapse”
By Ron Lott, August 14, 2013

Each day, scientists create new types of crops, livestock, herbicides, and pesticides that would never exist in nature.

Recently, we’ve also seen an explosion of deadly new infectious diseases, such as Mad Cow Disease and Avian Flu. Some of these diseases are able to cross the species barrier from animal to human, something that was once considered rare.

Is there a connection?

In his groundbreaking new novel, “Operation Synapse,” author Dr. William Croft, DVM, Ph.D., brings his extensive experience and knowledge in pathology, veterinary medicine, chemistry, microbiology, and everyday life, to examine that question, and many others.

Operation Synapse is an action packed novel in which an international terrorist organization creates a genetically engineered virus capable of killing half the earth’s human and animal population.

But why would they do something so sinister, especially when it could mean their own deaths? And can the terrorists’ deadly virus be stopped?

In this suspense filled novel, Dr. Croft takes us into the unseen worlds of cutting edge science, high finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, high stakes political intrigue, espionage, and terrorism, to reveal their sometimes shadowy – and shocking interconnections.

This novel is must read for anyone who’s ever wondered what’s in the food they eat, or anyone who’s ever wondered why the world is the way it is, and what they can do to change it. After the first three chapters, I found it hard to put the book down.

The plot has so many twists, turns, and surprises that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Dr. Croft has managed to weave enough real science and current events into Operation Synapse that I had to keep reminding myself it’s only fiction.

Or, is it?